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What ist fact and what is fake?

01.05.2023 – Author: Claudia Wolf (tranfsermedia)

The planned digital “news-polygraph” tools will support the media industry by making it easier and quicker to check multimedia content for manipulation with the help of AI. In social media, deliberately placed false information has long been a well-known and widespread problem. However, it is not just the number of manipulated media that is increasing rapidly, the quality of fake content is also on the rise. So-called deepfakes, image, audio or video files manipulated with AI, increasingly look deceptively real, meaning that fakes can only be identified with great effort. In the future, “news-polygraph” will provide media professionals and other affected industries with reliable, time-saving and intuitive support in recognising false information.

In order to reliably recognise manipulated media content, the AI models must be “trained” by the disinformation experts. How well the training works is being tested in an initial pilot project in the field of journalism. Other areas of application are diverse and range from PR agencies to public institutions, insurance companies and investigative authorities.

Press release on posivitve expert opinion decision

#More information on the BMBF programme family “Innovation and structural change” and the project.

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