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Conference on disinformation and verification technologies on 23.11.23 at the Haus des Rundfunks in Berlin

How can we stay ahead in the cat and mouse game of AI-based counterfeiting and verification technologies? The news-polygraph research alliance will address this question in its kick-off event on 23.11.23.

Together with you, we will explore the tension between counterfeiting and detection and ask ourselves how to stay ahead in today’s cat and mouse game of AI-based counterfeiting and verification technologies.

We want to get to know your requirements, present our plans for the development of new tools and talk to you. You can expect a curated day with expert presentations in German and English as well as discussions with relevant players such as dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH-Faktencheck, the ARD political magazine Kontraste, the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb) and #Faktenfuchs from Bayerischer Rundfunk.


Morning program

  • Welcome speech – Ulrike Demmer (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • Keynote: “Deceptively real? – Verification in the age of AI” – Stefan Voß (Deutsche PresseAgentur / GADMO)
  • news-polygraph – A technology platform for AI-based content verification – Anna Schild (Deutsche Welle), Moritz Demmig (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg), Patrick Aichroth (Fraunhofer IDMT)
  • Unraveling the web of deceit: AI-powered insights into text-based disinformation – Jakob Tesch (Ubermetrics), Lauren Green (delphai)
  • Digital forensics: Verification of audio-visual media data – Patrick Aichroth
    (Fraunhofer IDMT), Dr. Tim Polzehl (DFKI)
  • Crowdsourcing to support content verification – André Beyer (Crowdee)
    Trust Matters! – Vera Schmitt (Technical University of Berlin), Nura Kawa (neurocat)

Afternoon program:

  • Showcasing Spot: An interface for geographic search queries in Open Street Map in natural language – Lynn Khellaf (Deutsche Welle)
  • From the field: Fact-checking and verification at BR24 #Faktenfuchs – Jana Heigl (Bavarian Broadcasting #Faktenfuchs)
  • Verification in investigative journalism: Case studies from the ARD political magazine Kontraste Georg Heil (Kontraste)
  • With artificial intelligence to modern media supervision – Dr. Eva Flecken
    (Media Authority Berlin-Brandenburg)
  • Panel discussion – The cat and mouse game of disinformation (Dr. Eva Flecken, Jana Heigl, Georg Heil, Vera Schmitt, Stefan Voß)